Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Popes' World Cup

It is hard to believe that out of the 32 nations that took part in the World Cup held in Brazil, (not to mention the 120 nations that took part in the preliminary rounds) the two finalists are the same countries from where the two living Popes are from. We all know Pope Benedict XVI as Joseph Ratzinger, originally from Germany, who spent a lot of time praying over the past 18 months. Now many people know what he was praying for, among other things of course. Was he praying that his nation will demolish Brazil by beating 7 to 1? Or was he praying simply to get to the final and then carry the trophy home. Most probably he was praying for peace in the world, harmony within the Catholic church, and for his successor. 
And how about Pope Francis, who as Jorge Bergoglio came from Argentina and changed the face of the church over the past 18 months. Yet he also finds time to pray and even though his team was not as spectacular or destructive as the Germans, they made it to the finals anyway. And his prayers gave the fruit needed to see Lionel Messi and his friends trying to win the trophy for the third time. 
We’ll see whose prayers are the most effective on Sunday when they play each other in the holiest and most spiritual of World Cup Finals ever played. There’s more at stake than a simple trophy here. May the best team win!

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