Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stores, Shops and Markets - part 1

A typical Maltese Bar named Bellusa (The Satin One)
Today and tomorrow I will share with you some of the shops, stores and markets that are popular in Malta, of course from some of the photos I took recently. We do have a few supermarkets, but nothing like a Walmart or Costco that Americans are used to. But most stores and shops are small ones nestled between houses and sometimes in busy commercial streets like the ones in the capital city Valletta and busy towns like Sliema and my hometown of St Julian’s. 
A street vegetable vendor in the town of Mellieha
Greengrocers are quaint and peculiar in a way as their grocer owners go around in a van or truck and display their vegetables and fruits around the van while shoppers stroll around, pick and choose and then pay for their products. But most of these vegetable are guaranteed to be fresh, possibly picked from fields and gardens earlier in the day or the previous day, nothing beyond that.
Souvenir shop in Valletta
And something typically Maltese
More photos of front stores, shops and markets to appear tomorrow

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