Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Italian Voice

Sister Cristina Scuccia
I am not familiar with shows on TV that matches competitors for the best performance like “America’s Got Talent,” “The Voice” and others. But the Italian TV recently hosted “The Italian Voice” seeking to find new talent of voices to follow the success of Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Cecilia Bartoli and other pop performers like Gianni Morandi, Claudio Villa, Orietta Berti and others. Among the competitors was a nun, Sister Cristina Scuccia, who eliminated one performer after another to eventually end up the winner.
"What Sister Cristina has done can be considered going out to the peripheries, because she has gone to a different stage to bear witness to her choice of life, and in this sense I think she has hit the target," Father Alejandro Diaz, a Colombian, said in a recent interview with CNA. Like Sister Cristina, he explained, "we have to come out ourselves to speak of God to others, not in the abstract, but about what God has done in our lives." At the beginning of June, the 25 year-old religious won The Voice Italy and gained world-wide acclaim for her charisma and ability to bring share the Word of God with the public.

Sister Cristina performing live on RAI TV
"I have a dream, which is to hold hands and pray together the Our Father," she told the studio audience when she won. "I want Jesus to enter into here." Sister Cristina sings but she also talks about God and invites people to pray. She wants to transmit a gift, and it was not only the gift of her singing ability but also the gift of her vocation, because she is a young religious who went on this stage without fear and said, 'I am a religious, I believe in God.'” Sister Cristina should not be made into an idol but should be seen as a means of reaching God, because the Holy Spirit will always be the great evangelizer, and he doesn't have only one method or stage for bring people close to Christ. There are many ways to evangelize and Sister Cristina has shown us one of them.
Music can be a channel for speaking of God and conveying an explicit message based on the Gospel. In her first statements to the media after her win, Sister Cristina Scuccia said she would now "return to my priorities, which are Jesus and prayer." Since then, she has made only two public appearances, one on June 14 on the TV2000 program "Good News Festival," and another on June 27 on the Rai2 program "Donne ad alta quota."

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