Monday, July 28, 2014

More of Malta's churches

The main altar at St Philip's church, Zebbug, Malta
Since so many people seemed to like yesterday’s photos of the St Philip church in Zebbug, I thought of sharing a few more from the same church. If some of the local parishioners find out about these photos and the exposure their church is getting, they will absolutely go crazy and feel honored, as they love their churches, as you can obviously see, and would be so proud that foreigners, visitors and compatriots are showing appreciation of their beloved churches. 
The silver statue of Saint Philip inside the church
Most of these baroque churches are 300 to 500 years old, and during the respective village festivities, the statue of the local titular saint is brought out from its niche and displayed inside the church, then taken out in procession through the streets of the village, on Sunday evening. The walls of the churches are decorated with tapestry, and chandeliers are lit up to the maximum power, while Masses and services are held every evening, leading to the climactic moment at the Sunday evening celebration.
During Solemn Vespers, on Saturday evening
The grand organ located in the back of the church, in the choir loft

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