Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Saint Martha

"Saint Martha" by Vincenzo di Campo
I always had a soft spot for St Martha. She was criticized by Jesus for not sitting down at his feet and listen to Him as her sister Mary did. Poor Martha was respecting the rules of hospitality, and having such an honored guest, she was probably preparing some snacks to serve when Jesus arrived, possibly unexpected. This painting gives Martha a lot of reason to complain, as she had a quite a meal to prepare. Of course it may be exaggerated, but is funny in a way. But whenever I look at it, and see Jesus talking to Mary in the background, I always feel sorry for poor Martha. She would have said “Hey Lord, first things first - let’s just prepare a few snacks for us all, and then we can sit and chit-chat, while nibbling on the snacks, or the big meal that Martha probably prepared.” St Martha is the patron saint of housekeepers, housewives and waitresses.

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