Sunday, July 13, 2014

My soccer career

As a mascot of the local soccer team
Today being such a big day for soccer enthusiasts, (World Cup Final) I cannot let this moment go by without sharing three very special photos I have that highlight my soccer career, which was very minimal and pretty uneventful. The first two show me as a ball-boy or mascot of the St Julian’s team from 1958. 
St Julian's Soccer team from 1958
That team included two uncles and two cousins - so you can say it was all-in-the-family. The other one comes from 1972 when I was in the Seminary and I was mostly responsible for the sporting activities. One of the treasured activities was organizing a seven-a-side soccer league between all the seminarians, and my target was to encourage every one to take part, including some who were clumsy, awkward and very uninterested in playing. But it was a huge success. 
This photo shows my team, all of us priests now, some of them ordained 37, others 40 and other 42 years ago. I’m sure you can recognize me as the skinny goalkeeper on the left, back row.

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