Thursday, July 24, 2014

Encounters with the wild

A  live bald eagle in the High Desert Museum, Bend, OR
Wildlife in Central Oregon is quite impressive, as I discovered over the past 11 years. Animals abound in such variety that it baffles me. This week I went on a little trip looking for animals, birds and anything that moves. I even went to a local Museum, called the High Desert Museum with some endangered species that were visible, although not always easy to photograph. 
A very friendly chipmunk
However, after seeing these photos, you will agree that I was very lucky or patient in waiting for the right shot, one of which took me 3 hours, because the animal in question was sleeping, waiting for him to wake up. Enjoy these photos of a wildlife encounter.
A lynx, resting at the High Desert Museum
A Blue Jay in the wild
A bobcat, waking from an afternoon nap

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