Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Malta fireworks

Fireworks set up in front of St Philips's church, Zebbug
In view of the fireworks display that will be shown this coming Friday, Independence Day here in the USA, I share with you today something that takes place behind the scenes in Malta just before a display of land fireworks, called "Catherine Wheels." This took place in the town of Zebbug in Malta on June 6, as preparations were being made for this incredible display, that is complicated, massive and absolutely spectacular. 
A computerized set-up and last-minute adjustments of the fireworks.
Some of the displays were set up with a computerized coordination that is complicated and technically difficult to coordinate. The only problem is that they let them off late at night, and I was not present during the actual display, but to get an idea what they may have looked like, I have another photo I took a few years ago from the feast of St Julian's, a similar display of "Catherine Wheels" which was done on a much smaller scale.
"Catherine Wheels" display from St Julian's feast in 2006

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