Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two Cartoons

Everybody loves cartoons. Whether reading them in the newspaper or in comics, it's part fantasy, part satire and mostly humorous. Sometimes a cartoon effects you personally, especially when you are the subject of a specific cartoon. That was the case with me in 1984 and recently in 2009. I was convinced to sit for a a caricature of myself. The first one shows me on a bicycle, which was my preferred mode of transportation back then, also carrying a flute, and saying "I'll do anything for a New York Mets game/ticket." I remember this was done in Montauk Point at the tip of Long Island, NY, while driving out there, or maybe even biking - I don't remember exactly the circumstance. It is not a very sharp reproduction, as I misplaced the original, and I took this photo from a video that I made of it.

The second one was done at the Baker City annual parish picnic by Tom Novak, a Vietnam vet who is a popular artist in Baker City. Once again, here I am seen with my flute as well as cockatiel, one of my pets back then, whose name was Charlie Parker. Both of them capture a good image as every professional artists can bring out the  important features in a face, which is their main point of interest.

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