Monday, March 24, 2014

11 years in Oregon

In my new church of St Francis of Assisi, here in Bend
It was March 24, 2003 when Bishop Vasa dropped me off at John Day, picked up a Coca-Cola can and said to me “OK Father Julian, you’re on your own....”It was 11 years ago that I started my ministry here in the Diocese of Baker, with 2 and a half years at St Elizabeth of Hungary in John Day, 8 years as Rector of the Cathedral in Baker City, and now starting officially my pastorate at St Francis of Assisi, in Bend. 
With a nice group of converts in St Elizabeth, John Day, Easter 2005
Incidentally, Bishop Cary yesterday celebrated all the Masses and announced to the people that he was appointing me Pastor (see letter, two days ago on this blog.) I can only look back with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for both Bishops for trusting me with one bigger parish than the other. John Day had a population of 2,000 people, Baker City had 10,000, 
and Bend has 80,000. 
At the Cathedral in Baker City when I arrived in 2005
After the renovation of the Cathedral sanctuary in 2008
The Catholics amount to 10% of the Oregon population, but I see a lot of potential in bringing in converts to join our Catholic community, as I did in John Day and Baker City. So on we go with more work ahead, hoping the parishioners will support my efforts to bring them together as a happy family, committed to their faith, and collaborating for the common good and for the good of the entire parish.

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