Sunday, March 9, 2014

Malta's rich churches

The main altar at St Publius church, Floriana
Over the next few weeks, in anticipation of Holy Week, I will be sharing with you various photos I took 4 years ago, including many of the celebrations, festivities and decorations used during Holy Week and Easter. Buy in anticipation of that, I share with you today some photos of our Maltese heritage in sacred architecture and liturgical ornamentation that embellishes churches, homes, museums and streets all over the Maltese islands. 
The main body of the same church
This particular church is in Floriana, dedicated to Saint Publius, the first Bishop of Malta, who was the leader of the island when St Paul was shipwrecked there in 60 AD. The church was dressed up for its annual feast in late April, and one can see the richness of the main altar, the silver candle-sticks and the red velvet altar-piece with golden embroidery of its finest quality. More to come....

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