Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pope Francis - 1st anniversary

The newspaper from Argentina heralding the new Pope
It was exactly a year ago when the world was stunned with the election of a new Pope, the first from South America, an Argentinian Jesuit, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. He has since left quite an impact on the Catholic world, and has been admired by everyone around the globe. His pastoral approach has contrasted starkly with his predecessors, choosing to live in a humble motel instead of the Vatican palace, celebrating daily Mass in a simple chapel, improvising most of his homilies and waiting on line for breakfast in the motel cafeteria. The choice of the name Francis also showed the priorities the new Pope was going to emphasize, support for the poor and the emarginized, even those who consider themselves atheists and anti-Christian. His twitter message today was simply "Please pray for me." 
Ad Multos Annos Papa Francisco!
Pope Francis biography - Click once to enlarge

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