Sunday, March 16, 2014

Morning Prayers

O God, our Father, who makes the Light to shine out of the darkness, we thank You for waking us to see the light of this new day. Grant to us to waste none of its hours; to soil none of its moments; to neglect none of its opportunities; to fail in none of its duties. And bring us to the evening time undefeated by any temptation, at peace with ourselves, at peace with our fellow-men and women, and at peace with You.
O God, our Father, who have told us to live in fellowship with one another, keep us from everything which would make us difficult to live with today. Help us never to thoughtlessly or deliberately speak in such a way that we would hurt another person’s feelings, or wound another’s heart. Keep us from all impatience, from all irritability, and from a temper which is too quick. Keep us from eyes which are focused to find fault and from a tongue which is tuned to criticize. Keep us from being touchy, and quick to take offense, and slow to forget it. Help us not to be stubborn or obstinate, and keep us from selfishness which can see nothing but its own point of view, and which wants nothing but its own way.
Grant unto us all through this day something of the grace and beauty which shone upon our Blessed Lord. Eternal and ever blessed God, we do not know what will come to us and what will happen to us today. Whatever comes, we ask You to be our leader to guide and strengthen us, to comfort and control. If temptation comes to us, give us grace to overcome evil and to do what is right. If we have to make important decisions, give us the grace to choose the right way, and to refuse the wrong way. If it will be difficult to witness for You, give us the courage never to be ashamed to show whose we are and whom we serve. If things go well with us, keep us from all pride, and keep us from thinking we do not need You.
If we shall know sorrow, failure, disappointment or loss, keep us from all despair, and help us never to give up.

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