Friday, March 7, 2014

Signs of Spring

The very first sign of spring is usually seeing the crocus appear
The first sign of spring appeared yesterday in Bend, Central Oregon in the form of buds of the crocus and the blue violet. The weather has warmed up recently, as much as 60 degrees and with a fairly good supply of rain that fell over the last few days, nature has woken up from its winter slumber, and soon the buds will appear on our trees too. It is a sign of new life, and just as Ash Wednesday heralded the Lenten season, it’s now 45 days away from the Easter celebration. You will certainly see more photos of nature’s miracle over the next few weeks, as color reappears finally on a dry and dormant landscape, soon to change into a vibrant and colorful display of beauty.
Blue violet are appearing everywhere in Bend, Oregon

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