Friday, March 28, 2014

Recent Papal tweets

These are some of the most recent tweets sent by Pope Francis....
 - Lent is a time of grace, a time to convert and live out our baptism fully.
 - We cannot be tepid disciples. The Church needs our courage in order to give witness to truth.
 - Jesus is never far from us sinners. He wants to pour out on us, without limit, all of his mercy.
 - Jesus is our hope. Nothing – not even evil or death – is able to separate us from the saving power of his love.

 - Sickness and death are not taboo subjects. They are realities that we must face in Jesus’ presence.
 - May we learn to say “thank you” to God and to one another. We teach children to do it, and then we forget to do it ourselves!
 - Christian love is loving without counting the cost. This is the lesson of the Good Samaritan; this is the lesson of Jesus.

 - The challenge for Christian spouses: remaining together, knowing how to love one another always, and doing so in a way that their love grows.
 - Our deepest joy comes from Christ: remaining with him, walking with him, being his disciples.
 - Let us pray for Christians who are victims of persecution, so that they may know how to respond to evil with good.

 - Lent is a good time for sacrificing. Let us deny ourselves something every day to help others.
 - In life we all make many mistakes. Let us learn to recognize our errors and ask forgiveness.
 - How to live a good marriage? United to the Lord, who always renews our love and strengthens it to overcome every difficulty.

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