Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pope Francis and confessions

Pope Francis going to confession at the Vatican
An impressive few photos to share with you today as Pope Francis led a Penitential Service at the Vatican, and then went to hear confessions himself. But the one thing that surprised everyone is the fact that before he entered his confessional, he himself went to confess, across from his own confessional. It was yet another humbling scene of this Argentinian Pope. A few weeks earlier he helped out in hearing confessions at another venue when young people were gathered.
Pope Francis hearing confessions
In his homily, among other things, Pope Francis said: Conversion is not a matter of a moment or a year, is a commitment that lasts a lifetime. Who among us can be assumed not to be a sinner? No one. The Apostle John writes: “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” The Pope then referred to two essential elements of the Christian life.
The first is: put on the new man. This new life allows one to look at reality with different eyes, without being distracted by things that do not matter and cannot last long. For this we are called to abandon sinful behavior and fix our gaze on that which is essential. Behold the difference between the life deformed by sin and the life illumined by grace. From the heart of the man renewed according to God come good behaviors: always to speak with truth and avoid any lie; to steal not, but rather to share what you have with others; especially with those in need; not to give in to anger, resentment and revenge, but to be gentle, magnanimous and ready to forgive; not to fall into backbiting that ruins people’s good name, but to look more rather on each person’s positive side.

Pope Francis absolving penitents
The second factor is: Remain in my love. The love of Jesus Christ lasts forever, will never end because it is the very life of God. This love conquers sin and gives strength to get up and start anew, because with pardon the heart is renewed and rejuvenated. When Christians live this love, they become credible disciples of Christ in the world. Love cannot stand to remain locked up in itself. By its very nature Love is open, it spreads and is fruitful, it always generates new love.

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