Saturday, March 22, 2014

Appointed Pastor

With Bishop Liam Cary at the School Mass in January 2014
Bishop Liam Cary has just sent me a letter appointing me the new Pastor of St Francis of Assisi Parish in Bend. The Bishop will be celebrating all the Masses this weekend in our parish, and preaching at all of them, on this Third Sunday of Lent. Welcome to our and your parish, Bishop Cary. Here is a copy of the letter:

18 March 2014
Dear Father Cassar,

By virtue of this letter, I appoint you Pastor of St Francis of Assisi Church in Bend, effective today, 18  March 2014, for the usual term of six years, with the option of renewal upon its completion.

With this appointment you are to exercise all the duties and enjoy the faculties and privileges attached to your office as stipulated in the Code of Canon Law, the Pastoral Guidelines of the Diocese of Baker, and legitimate diocesan customs. As pastor you are specifically entrusted with the complete oversight of St Francis of Assisi School.

I very much appreciate your willingness to assume this position of service to the parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi, Father. May the Good Shepherd strengthen you to imitate His self-giving love and so lead your people to the good pasture of the Kingdom.

In Christ Jesus
Most Reverend Liam Cary
Bishop of Baker.

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