Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Twin Trap

You may remember the Disney movie "The Parent Trap" with Hayley Mills where twins meet each other at summer camp and get reunited. Well a funny situation with twins took place this last weekend. They are parishioners of mine in Baker City, twins Roseanne and Anita, and even though one of them lives here and the other in Wyoming, they were together last weekend as Anita was to be a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding. She had just returned from a tip in Europe, and was suffering from a cold, and the wedding was outdoors, possibly in very cold and even snowy conditions, as Wyoming experienced an early blizzard over the weekend. Having to wear a very light dress like all bridesmaids do, the outlook did not look good for Anita. So the thought came to the twins to switch places. I don't know if it really happened, but their mom told me that it was a very clever and practical option, especially because the twins are very identical. After 8 years I still cannot tell them apart. Hopefully the bride and the groom didn't either, if the twins' plan worked out!

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