Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1996-1998 - Holy Family, Hicksville, NY

Holy Family parish in Hicksville, NY
For more than two years in the mid 1990s I was in another big parish with a large school, under the pastorate of Msgr Edward Donnelly, a kind and compassionate Pastor who was beloved by everyone. Again I spent a lot of time in our school, visiting classes and mingling with children and also planning many activities and Masses for them. The school children presented a musical every year, which was regarded as a highlight of the calendar year with lots of auditions, rehearsals and few sold-out rehearsals. 
A beautifully-decorated Holy Family church at Easter

The church itself itself was built in an L-shape way, the addition added years after the small original church was built, mainly to accommodate the larger influx of parishioners. But what the church lacked in aesthetics, it made up with decorations, thanks to the input of another Associate Pastor who was there with me at that time.

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