Thursday, October 10, 2013

Marian Prayer by St. Bernard

Of your Love, O Mary, O blessed Virgin,
did anyone ever invoke you in need and yet fail to receive help?
Only such a person could remain silent about your mercy.
As for us, who are your poor servants,
we congratulate ourselves for you on account of all your other virtues,
but we rejoice in your mercy in a special way for ourselves.
We praise your virginity, and we admire your humility;
but your mercy has an even sweeter taste for us sinners.
We have a preferential love for your mercy, we remember it more often,
and we invoke it more frequently.
Who then could measure, O blessed Lady,nthe length and breadth,
height and depth of your mercy?
Its length extends indeed until the last day,
so that you may come to the aid of all who invoke it.
Its breadth spans the whole world, so that the whole earth is full of your mercy.
Its height is such that it brought about the restoration of the heavenly city.
Its depth achieved the redemption of those who sat in darkness and the shadow of death.
Thanks to you, heaven has been populated, hell has been emptied,
the ruins of the heavenly Jerusalem have been rebuilt,
and the unfortunate people living in hope have been given back the life they had lost!
Thus it is that your charity, so powerful and at the same time so gentle,
pours forth in abundance, manifesting itself tenderly
and lending assistance effectively. Amen.

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