Friday, October 11, 2013

Prayer of St Francis

We are all familiar with the prayer "Make me an instrument of your Peace" attributed to Saint Francis. So I decided to add a few more phrase to this prayer:

Where there is disagreement, let me create consensus.
Where there is impatience, let me create tolerance.
Where there is egoism, let me show altruism.
Where there is indifference, let me show genuine interest.
Where there is division, let me bring unity and peace.
Where there is competition, let me create a sense of teamwork.
Where there is is cheating, let me create a spirit of honesty.
Where there is discouragement, let me create encouragement.
Where there is confusion, let me bring order.
Where there is struggle, let me add and instil perseverance.
Where there is loneliness, let me bring in companionship.
Where there is too much seriousness, let me bring in a sense of humor.
And where these is spiritual apathy, let me show commitment, prayerfullness and devotion.

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