Saturday, October 5, 2013

I complained.....until

I complained because my gloves were not thermo-insulated, until I met someone who had no hands.
I complained because my chicken was a little dry, until I met children who had nothing to eat for days.
I complained that my house had no air-conditioning, until I came across entire families who were homeless.
I complained because my Computer had 100 Gigabytes instead a Terabyte, until I met a news reporter who still writes his reports on a typewriter.
I complained that my Cable TV only receives 26 channels, until I visited someone whose contact with the outside world is a small transistor-radio.
I complained that my children had only 10 Computers in each class, until I saw other children in the third world whose classroom is a sandy beach, and whose blackboard and chalk is the sand and a stick.
I complained because my car is not 4 wheel-drive, until I thought of my parents who never had a car, and walked everywhere they went.
I complained that my contact lenses fell off my eyes, until I met a blind gentleman who has lived all his life in a world of darkness.

I complained that I had no shoes, until I met someone who had no feet.
I complained that I couldn’t receive my favorite FM Stations clearly, until I met a co-worker who is completely deaf.
I complained because we didn’t have rain in three weeks and the grass was getting dry, until I read how some people in the Sahara Desert have not seen water in months.

I complained, again and again. Yet I should be ever so thankful to God.

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