Thursday, October 3, 2013

Foliage in Massachusetts

Maple trees in St Joseph's Abbey, Spencer MA

Before I came to Oregon, I spent some time in Spencer, Massachusetts with the Trappist monks, and during this time of the year, the whole Abbey turns red and orange with the beautiful maple trees that line up the streets and property which the monks have, a good 2000 acres of beautiful scenery. The above picture was taken in early October 2002 and shows a row of maple trees, all aflame with beauty. I took the other photo while I was playing the flute on a quiet afternoon. Leaves keep falling and some of them fell on my music sheet while playing Bach Unaccompanied Sonata in A Minor. I placed the flute across the music, and what came out was one of my all-time favorite photos. Here in Eastern Oregon we don't get many maples, but there are a lot of tamarack trees which turn yellow and create quite a spectacle, especially as they contrast with the evergreens.

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