Saturday, October 19, 2013

Please be patient

Hello my dear friends, just bear with me as I try to adjust to my new parish, hectic work, demanding schedule and, besides trying to open about 80 boxes and sort some things out. I still have no computer in the rectory, and the office computer is totally new and hostile to me, since there is a lot of security in this place, and just to get to a basic document, you need a few passwords. So, please be patient for a few more days, and I will be back on track as soon as I can. Saturday I have a big wedding in the historic church, and the weather could not be nicer to the lucky bride and groom. To say that I'm overwhelmed is an understatement, but everything is going well, and I cannot be happier.

Wishing all the best, and just keep me in your prayer as you are all in mine. Good luck also to the Cathedral parish and all the parishioners there.


  1. Hi Father Julian! Congratulations on your new job! I follow your blog and look forward to your writings when you get all settled in. Enjoy the weather. Bend is very lucky to have you. Peace.

  2. Dear Brother

    Oh yeah I confirm that you are overwhelmingly positive and happy in your new mission, honored to be the first one to talk over the phone. Surely you will be meeting many parishioners today being your first Sunday at St Francis of Assisi Church. Wish you a good day, Rosemarie