Monday, October 7, 2013

Transfer to Bend

Bishop Liam Cary has just appointed me as the new Pastor at St Francis of Assisi parish in Bend, Oregon. I will start my ministry there on Thursday October 17, having as an Associate with me Fr Joseph Thalissery, from India. I actually met him briefly yesterday when I dropped off some of my belongings, and found out that we were in neighboring parishes between 1988 and 1991, myself in New Hyde Park and himself in Floral Park, Long Island, New York.
My new parish actually has two churches, one of which is a historic church with the Rectory next to it, and was originally run by the Franciscan Capuchins, who left around 2007. The other church is a modern church built in 2008 and is adjacent to the parish offices as well as the school (K through 8th Grade) and where Faith Formation classes are held, which is equivalent to what is otherwise called CCD or Religious Education program for children and adults.
I kindly ask for your prayers as I move slowly over the next two weeks to this new area and join this parish community which now has two missionary priests guiding them, one from India and one from Malta. This is the nature of our church and our Baker Diocese is served mostly by missionary priests, from Mexico, Poland, Nigeria, Tanzania, Argentina, Sri Lanka, India, Malta and the rest are Americans.
(unfortunately I cannot add any photos between today and Friday)

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