Sunday, April 22, 2012

With Msgr. John Heinlein

Back in 1979 at Massapequa Park, NY

Over the next few weeks, my best priest friend Msgr. John T. Heinlein will be replacing me here at my parish in Baker City. In fact this weekend we will be celebrating 85 years of priesthood service together with 2 con-celebrated Masses here in the Cathedral. He is celebrating 50 years, while I am celebrating my 35th anniversary later in June.
Back in 1983 in Weston, Vermont
We met originally in 1979, while I helped replacing another priest from China for 2 and a half months in the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes in Massapequa Park on Long Island, NY. Two years later I was back with him in his new parish at Holy Spirit in New Hyde Park, where we spent ten glorious years together. He is presently working as an Associate Pastor at St. Jude’s in Mastic Beach, NY, and even though he retired a few years back, he is still strong enough to add his pastoral touch in that parish.
Back in 2000 at Pleasant Valley, NY
I am grateful for his service to the church, and for his help to me, coming over all the way from New York, so that I can visit my family. He has been my inspiration over all these years, and we have helped each other in good times and bad, through thick and thin, and after a combined 85 years of service, we continue in our indefatigable style, serving people and being just what God wanted us to be, good shepherds.
April 22 after Mass at the Cathedral
On April 22, 2012 we con-celebrated Mass together at St Francis De Sales Cathedral here in Baker City, combing 85 years of priestly ministry, as we gave thanks for the many blessings we both received from God, from the people and from each other.
April 22 after Mass at the Cathedral, Baker City, OR

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