Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alleluia! He is Risen

Easter decorations at my Cathedral, Baker City, OREGON
Alleluia! The darkness has changed to light, the screams of ‘Crucify him’ has turned to Alleluia. The starkness of the altar has turned to beauty and color once again. Flowers and Easter lilies have replaced the emptiness in our sanctuaries. The suffering and pain of Good Friday have given way to joy and celebration of Easter. Death has given way to life. And Christ overcame his own death, and is alive and well. Let us rejoice and be glad. Christ has died, Christ is risen.
Statue of the Risen Christ at Valletta, Malta
For the past 46 days of Lent and Holy Week, you have followed my meditations, reflections and photos that describe the somber mood that this season evokes. But now it’s time to celebrate, as the statue of the Risen Christ is carried in the streets, as happens in Malta, to accentuate to new spirit of Easter joy. The Easter Vigil is also very meaningful, as the new fire and the new water are blessed, catechumens are baptized or received into the Catholic community, while others are confirmed, and the majority of the people renew their baptismal vows during Easter Masses.

Save us, Savior of the world, because by your death and resurrection, you have set us free. 
(Memorial Acclamation, New Roman Missal)

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