Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy Week artistry

More detailed plating, including one with the Maltese Cross

I continue today my sharing of some incredible artistry done by hand, mostly by pasta, beans, rice, salt and lentils. Yesterday you saw a general view of some of plates, and today you can see even closer some of the exceptional detail that goes into creating and ‘painting’ these displays. Hundreds if not thousands of people will visit these displays, mostly on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, while doing the traditional visits to 7 altars in different churches where the Blessed Sacrament will be reserved (more on this on Holy Thursday.)

Emblem of the Dominican order
Coat of arms of Grand Master Pinto
Some of these plates show the coat-of-arms of various Popes and Bishops who governed over the past 400 years, including some of the Grand Masters, Dominican friars and priests who led the Order over the years.
Made strictly from pasta
I have to say that 2 years ago when I took these photos, I was somewhat lucky, though at first disappointed that the exhibition had not yet opened by Tuesday of Holy Week, when I actually went to visit it. I was told that the official opening was going to be held that same evening, but then to my surprise, I was invited to go in and take as many photos as I could. It was a dream come true as there was no one else around bumping elbows and casting strange shadows, or just getting in my way. Not only that, but when the organizer heard that I was living in the USA, he came over and gave me as much information as I needed.

More plates, the bottom one - Archbishop of Malta's coat of arms

The place at table of the apostle Simon

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