Monday, April 2, 2012

Last Supper display

A general view of the Last Supper display table

Among the most fascinating displays that I witnessed 2 years ago during Holy Week in Malta is this Last Supper table decorated with a variety of plates, ‘painted’ by rice, beans, salt and especially all kinds of pasta. This exhibition was prepared at the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the Dominican Friary in Valletta, Malta, and the horse-shoe table set up was covered with different plates, positioned around the name of each of the apostles, complete with a large donut-shaped loaf of bread, a chalice, olives, oranges, and other symbols.
A corner section of the table
These are just 4 photos of over 200 I took that day. 4 more will appear in tomorrow’s post. To see the extreme detail, click on each photo to enlarge. 

A closer look at some of the decorated plates
Each of the plates are meticulously prepared, and the interesting thing is that nothing goes to waste - all the pasta, beans and rice are collected and given to orphanages and other children’s homes.
A section of the St Thomas corner
Make sure to be back tomorrow for some more exceptional close-up look at various plates

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