Friday, April 27, 2012

A small correction

I was informed by my sister that I made two typo errors yesterday in my post entitled "From Malta." The name of my former pastor is Galea not Gales. Galea is my grandmother's family name. The other mistake is with the word realizes, which should read 'relatives.' The blogspot here does not allow me to correct or edit simple mistakes. In the meantime, my nephew Peter has installed a few apps on my IPad, including the Breviary (Divine Office) as well as Google Earth, IRadio and a few others which I am not familiar with, yet. Speaking of the IPad, my nephew has the new IPad, probably the first one in Malta to own this ingenious gadget. As for myself, I was given the IPad by fellow priest Fr Luis Flores, of Madras, Oregon. He bought a new one for himself, and thought I deserved his first one, for free. It has been a blessing for me, and I look forward to download a word processor on it soon, probably the one known as PAGES. I may probably use it for my Sunday homily, of course in the Maltese language. Il-paci maghkom ilkoll - Peace be with you all,

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  1. Thanks to high tech, distance knows no boundaries. It is a blessing, Fr Julian, to read your posts all the way from Malta. Keeping you in continued prayer...