Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good Friday procession in miniature

Statue of the betrayal of Judas

This was yet another huge surprise for me 2 years ago, when on Good Friday morning, I was invited to visit this incredible piece of artwork done by one man - a complete Good Friday procession in miniature, spread out throughout an entire room, actually at the President’s residence. I was told that this man had been working on this project for a decade but never exhibited any of his statuettes, until the President of Malta himself showed interest and invited him to showcase this masterpiece during Holy Week at the Palace itself.
The twelve apostles followed by a marching band
Altar servers and priests
On Good Friday, various processions are held in parishes with life-size statues of the Passion of Christ, complete with many biblical characters, Roman soldiers, marching bands playing funeral marches and the clergy (see Good Friday’s post.) What you see here is a complete replica of a typical procession, from beginning to end.
The statue of the Crucifixion
Again these are just 5 photos of the display, showing different angles, some statues and other characters that are an important part of this unique procession that is held on Friday evening through the streets of about 25 parishes.

Statue of Our Lady of Sorrows

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  1. I love these displays, Father, and the snowfall o9n the cathedral. The wooden statue of Christ is incredible. Thank you for sharing.