Thursday, April 26, 2012

From Malta

I am finally able to log into my blog, of course thanks to my tech-savvy nephew Peter. Since I am adding a post from a new location, they thought I was a hacker hacking my blog, but at least it's good to know that Blogspot is actually to protect you from any intruders. Unfortunately as much as I would like, I cannot use any photos as the blogspot won't let me download photos. But at least you know you'll be bombarded with photos when I return to the parish. In the meantime just to let you know that I arrived safely and will be here for two more weeks, before heading to Rome for another week. The weather is still pretty comfortable, but warming up slightly every day. Friday April 27 I will be concelebrating with my first pastor, my second cousin Fr John Galea, who is celebrating his 50th anniversary of his priesthood. That's my second 50th anniversary pastor in a week, after celebrating with Msgr John Heinlein last Sunday. Fr John Gales was my pastor in my first parish, my hometown of St. Julian's between 1977 and 1981. It will be an occasion to see many realizes whom I don't see very often. That's is all for now. My two nephews are in the midst of their finals, and so their help in my computer space is very limited, because of course they need their laptops and IPads and IPods all the time. It's a different world today - how did we ever survive without these high tech gadgets. Anyway, blessings from Malta, and please remember my mom in your prayers - today would have been her 83 rd birthday, and yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of her death. Fr Julian


  1. Have a wonderful time, Father Julian. Safe travels.

  2. So glad that you made it safely to Malta. So nice to see your post. Enjoy the time with your family, your in our prayers.