Saturday, April 14, 2012

Something about my family

Cassar family photo in 1963
Many visitors to this blog have expressed to me that they enjoy seeing photos of my family’s past. And so from time to time, I will dig into the family’s photo album, of which I consider myself the archivist, and share them with you. These are three pictures of our family over the year spanning 14 years, the first one being taken in 1963, a year before my younger brother Marcel was born. We are here at home, a kind of a professional photo with four children with their parents. I am seen standing, and as I shared many times, many people thought my mother had two sets of twins, as she dressed me and my brother Paul alike, as she did with my two sisters, Josephine and Rosemary.
The Cassar children in 1967
The next photo was 3 years later, with Marcel aged 3, on a little vacation on the sister island of Gozo. We spent a week at Nadur, in a house lent to us by our uncles and aunts, but since we never had a car, we walked just about everywhere we went, except for longer trips which we took by bus. When I say longer trips, they could have been anywhere between 3 miles and 5 miles at the most!
June 19, 1977, the day of my ordination
The last photo was on the day of my ordination to the priesthood on June 19, 1977. I was 24, my brother Paul was 21, Marcel 13, while Josephine and Rosemarie were 27 and 26 respectively. My parents would have been 52 and 48, my father the oldest. This was of course a happy day for the entire family, not just for me, because as I always say, the vocation of a priest is the greatest gift God can give to any family.

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