Sunday, January 31, 2016

Today....and Tomorrow

Today . . . you came into our big, beautiful world. Helpless, you nestled into my arms.
You need me to keep you safe; I am here.

Today . . . you walked three baby steps. Wobbling, you reached for me.
You knew I would catch your fall; I am here.

Today . . . you had your first bad dream. Shaking, I held you and said,
“It’s OK, you’re safe . . .I am here.”

Today . . . you started kindergarten. Smiling, you hopped on that big bus.
“See you after school,” you called to me . . .
“It’s hard to let go . . . “ I’ll be here.

Today . . .someone teased you at school.
Crying, you let me hold your hand. “That hurt my feeling so much,” you said. (Mine too)
“I know. I am here.”

Tomorrow . . . No magic kisses, no band-aids, no fairy dust will do the trick.

Tomorrow . . . .The world is becoming yours, little by little now.

Tomorrow....... you won’t want me “right there” beside you . . .
As you find your way.

Tomorrow . . .May you find the world a good place; may you remember what you’ve learned;
May you know that I am here . . .

I would take you under my wing in an instant . . .
But I know you need your own wings, to really fly.

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