Friday, January 22, 2016

Prayer for Life

On this anniversary when abortion was legalized in the USA, we pray for the preciousness of the gift of life in all its forms, from conception until natural death. We pray for every baby being born today, born yesterday and who will be born tomorrow. They thank their mothers for giving them a full term of pregnancy, that they be born healthy, and ready for their new adventure in life. Who knows how many of them will be successful as doctors, teachers, priests, lawyers, politicians, actors and actresses, inventors, sports people, and in so many other areas. We pray for the gift of life and nature, for all our pets and animals, those that fly and those that swim or roam around the earth.  We pray for those women who are pregnant now, and for those who are trying to conceive. And we pray for all those babies who were never given a chance to be born. May this unspeakable crime be eliminated once and for all from this planet, and may we always appreciate every human being born, in the true image of God, the Father. Amen.

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