Thursday, January 7, 2016

Frank Borman's message

Back in 1968, on Christmas Eve, the Apollo 8 circled the moon 10 times. The 3 astronauts aboard the space capsule were Lovett, Anders and Frank Borman. On that Christmas Eve, from 370,000 miles up high in the sky, Frank Borman sent this beautiful inspirational message    that was broadcast direct on the radio:
O God, give us good vision, to be able to see your love in the world in spite of man’s failings.
Give us the necessary faith, to have trust in goodness, in spite of our ignorance and weakness.
Give us enough wisdom, so that we can continue to pray correctly and wholeheartedly.
Show us what each and every one of us can do, so that we can finally witness that day when universal peace reigns all over the world.

After this, the three astronauts read the section of the book of Genesis which tells of the creation of the world. As we can see, the four graces and blessings that Frank Borman prayed for show us how special and meaningful this prayer was. He prayed for a good vision. He was so amazed when he saw the moon up close. Still, in spite of this fascinating discovery, man would be a failure if he didn’t discover God himself, who is Love.
He also prayed for faith. Just at the moment when man could have used this moment to show how great and powerful he can be, Borman prayed for the most needed things in life: faith and trust in goodness.
Frank Borman also prayed for wisdom. At that historic moment, when man could have showed himself proud of his accomplishments, he prayed and made an act of humility. Because he who is wise, feels he has to pray even more.
Finally he prayed for peace, and that everyone intensifies his or her efforts to create peace in the world. If man was able to overcome big distances and reach the moon, why is it so hard for man to reach out for a good honest handshake and live in peace together?
To all the sceptic, agnostics, pessimists and unbelievers, Frank Borman reminds them of God’s love. God does exist, God loves us. God has trust in mankind, so much that He sent his only Son to save us.

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