Monday, January 11, 2016

ABCs of Commitment

I open my heart and my mind to be aware of the ABCs which will daily lift my spirits up.

Almighty Creator of the Universe, who created all that we have and cherish.
Beloved Father, God of compassion.
Create in me a clean heart this day, to love you more.
Deliver me from the limitations of my ego.
Exalt your presence in my mind, and keep me always focused on You.
Forgive all that I have done against You, myself and others.
Grant me peace, and grant peace to all the world.
Hold me steadfastly within the boundaries of your truth.
Inspire my heart to know You better, my ears to hear You, and my eyes to recognize You.
Justify me in the presence of all enemies.
Knead my heart with works of kindness and acts of humility.
Let no harm befall me or my loved ones.
May all I do or say glorify You, and never let any word of mine ever hurt You.
Nourish me with Your Wisdom and Knowledge.
Open my eyes to know your vision of truth.
Purge my heart of all things that are offensive to your law.
Quiet my soul in the midst of confusion and temptation.
Renew my commitment to You.
Save me from my secret fears.
Teach me to trust You at all times.
Use all You have given me to serve You.
Victory for Your cause is my desire.
Walk with me so that my strength will never be diminished.
Xamine my heart continually.
Your Love and Grace are my good fortune.
Zealously, I commit my life to serving you faithfully and dutifully.

Until today, you may not have been aware of the power of knowing the alphabet. Just for today, practice in making each letter of the alphabet come alive in your life.

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  1. Powerful! I'll never look at the alphabet the same way again. Thank you Fr Julian for inspiring the beginning my week...