Monday, January 18, 2016

Introducing Natalia Tsarkova

"The Last Supper" by Natalia Tsarkova (2002)
Recently I came across a painting reproduced in the "Magnificat" magazine and I was stunned by its originality. It was "The Last Supper" by Natalia Tsarkova. Born in Moscow, Russia, an Orthodox  Christian, Natalia studied art in her native country before moving to Italy, specializing in sacred art. She became known in the Vatican circles and painted 4 portraits of Pope St John Paul, and his successors. In 2002 she painted a unique painting of the Last Supper and in 2009, she even painted the formal portrait of the then-President of Malta George Abela. She also painted many other portraits of famous people. I share with you today some of her works. 
Natalia in front of two of her Popes paintings
If you want to see her at work, watch this YouTube video - even though it’s in Italian, you can at least see her at work and meeting various Popes. Just copy and paste this link:
Pope St John Paul II
A recent painting of Pope Francis

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