Thursday, January 14, 2016

Say it even more often

Continuing from yesterday, here are some other expressions we should say and hear more often. 
"I didn't call collect."
"That was a great dinner, Mom.”                                                                     
"I'm glad I'm in this family."
"I'm glad I married you."                                                                                                 
"Let's celebrate!"
"You're welcome."                                                                              
"Thank You... I'm sorry....I love you !”
"Let's say grace together before we eat."    
"Can I help you clean up the kitchen ?"
"It's OK.  You can go ahead of me."                                                   
"I'll try to get back as soon as I can."
"Shouldn't we be more grateful to God.”                                             
"Let me revise my homework again."
"Let's shut the TV off, and pray the Rosary."                                                 
"I appreciate your kindness."
"I'll try to get back as soon as I can."  
"Thank you for calling me last night."
"Can I type that letter for you?"                                                
"Let me shovel some of the snow for you."
"Can I get you anything from the store."                                               
"Do you have any letters to mail ?"
"Go ahead, watch whatever program you wish."                         
“Do you want to watch any other game?"
"If you're drinking, then I'll drive tonight."       
"If you want, you can use our swimming pool."
"Let me help you clean up the basement."                                                  
"I'm very happy that I met you."
"That was a beautiful card you sent me."                                                    
"Thank you for understanding !" 
"It's Sunday.  Let's go to Church together."                                   
"Thanks for visiting me in the hospital."
"I'll change the diaper !"                                                                                     
"I'll feed the baby today."

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