Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stay with us dear Jesus

As we head John the Baptist's advice today to prepare for the coming of Jesus in our homes, heart, lives and parish communities, I shared with my people today this reflection in my homily:
Stay with us Jesus, because when it gets dark, You’re the only source of Light in our lives.
When we get lonely, You’re the perfect companion.
When we are afraid, You can surely encourage us.
When we fear the unknown future, You affirm our past and present.
When we experience weakness, You are there to strengthen us.
When we lose our way to You, Your spiritual compass is our one and only hope.
When we lose heart, You always comfort us an show us compassion.
When we don’t know what to say or how to pray, You always have the right suggestion.

When we cannot see clearly, You always help us focus our perspective of life.
When we want to hurt others and say that nasty word, You always correct our speech and manner of behavior.
When we act stubborn, You tolerate us.
When we act selfish, You show us a kind caring way to do things.
And when we falter as humans, You grant us Your mercy and Forgiveness. Not only that, but You forgive and forget.

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