Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Trees

A Christmas Tree farm in Oregon
There are approximately 35 million Real Christmas Trees sold in North America every year. Approximately 330,000 Real Christmas Trees are sold via e-commerce or catalog and shipped mail-order. North-American Real Christmas Trees are grown in all 50 states and Canada. Most artificial trees are manufactured in Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong. Real Trees are a renewable, recyclable resource. Artificial trees contain non-biodegradable plastics and metals. For every Real Christmas Tree harvested, 2 to 3 seedlings are planted in its place the following spring. In the Spring of 2000, over 70 million Real Christmas Tree seedlings were planted. There are about 1 million acres in production for growing Christmas Trees. Each acre provides the daily oxygen requirements of 18 people. There are about 15,000 Christmas Tree growers in North America, and over 100,000 people employed full or part-time in the industry. There are approximately 5,000 choose & harvest farms in the U.S. It can take as many as 15 years to grow a tree of average retail sale height (6 feet), but the average growing time is 7 years. The top Christmas Tree producing states are Oregon, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Washington and Wisconsin. The top selling Christmas Trees are: Balsam fir, Douglas-fir, Fraser fir, noble fir, Scotch pine, Virginia pine, and white pine.

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