Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas past

Neapolitan images of Mary and Joseph at Rocky Point, NY
I share with you today some photos of Christmas past, specifically photos I used on my Christmas cards over the years. The first one is a classic one I took at St Anthony of Padua Church in Rocky Point, when I placed the figures of Mary and Joseph in the foreground with the crucified Christ out-of-focus in the background in the middle. It speaks about the present and the future, the Newborn Christ and the Crucified Christ, a foreshadowing of what is to come out of his life, after spending 30 years at home and 3 years in a demanding public ministry.
Baby Jesus with angels at home in St Julian's, Malta
The second one is from my home in Malta, the baby Jesus my father and mother prepared every year, as well as two angels next to the infant, all nestled under a blue canopy my mother had crafted years ago. 
My parents with their Christmas masterpiece
This was a tradition my parents always looked forward to, and it was the last thing my father did when he had just finished packing the figures of Jesus and the Angels, and he passed away that same evening.
Christmas from St Joseph's Abbey, Spencer, Massachusetts
The third one comes from my time at Spencer in Massachusetts at St Joseph's Abbey, after placing a beautiful ornate plate of the Madonna with the red and orange maple trees in the background, and even though it's not snow, but it reminds me of the spectacular foliage they have in the northeast, and a peaceful setting which connects the fall with winter, and Thanksgiving with Christmas in a way.

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