Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Lights

Christmas at a main street in Hamrun, Malta
December is a month when many residences crank up their electric bills, mainly because of illuminations and decorations they place around their houses, besides the flickering lights on many Christmas trees. I will share with you over the next few weeks some of these decorations I witnessed in New York, mainly on Long Island. But today I want to go back to my native Malta once again and post three photos I took 3 years ago, showing various street lights decorated for the Christmas season. Normally local towns and villages  are responsible for their electric bills, but as you can see, they add a lot of character to this festive season. Just as many public Christmas trees here in the USA are lit up just after Thanksgiving, the festive season in Malta starts off right at the beginning of December, also with the intention of boosting up business and encourage shoppers to star their shopping early.
A decorated street in the capital city of Valletta, Malta
Another narrow street in Valletta, Malta

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  1. Fr. Julian, this is how the streets in my country are also decorated !
    Perhaps we are sister cultures?
    Thank you for sharing !!!