Monday, December 2, 2013

Angels and Children

Angels at the Nativity
The image of Angels has always impressed me and since they appeared on the cave of Bethlehem when Jesus was born announcing “Glory to God in the highest,” they signaled to the shepherds where to find the newborn baby, who came to adore Him and pay Him homage, as did the Three Kings later on. Naturally Angels remind me of innocent children in their unpredictability, innocence and spontaneity. Gratefully in my ministry I am frequently surrounded with children, and especially now that my parish has a grade school, I cherish the time I spend with them, celebrating Mass for them, visiting them in their classes, and presenting talks to them as I’m doing today with my feature “Christmas around the world.” 
Children dressed as Angels for a Nativity play
Christmas pageants also feature many children dressed as angels. It is a joy seeing little children running around with a care-free attitude, tirelessly chasing each other and playing freely with no concern about any of the world’s problems. Maybe we should learn a big lesson from them, and enjoy every moment and share joy, happiness, smiles and sheer exuberance. Too bad that childhood is so short-lived, and soon we’re facing college courses, dating, driving in heavy traffic and eventually raising a family themselves. Too bad we cannot remain like angels, ageless and ever so young.   

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