Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Exchanging presents

Here is the story that can be used for the present exchange during your Christmas gatherings. You sit everyone in a circle and pass the presents whenever a direction is given. It’s basically moving the present to the right or to the  left, although occasionally you are asked to pass them across.....have fun!

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Tommy WRIGHT. He lived with his mother, Mrs. WRIGHT and his father Dr. WRIGHT and his sister Sara WRIGHT. He had four shiny quarters LEFT from some birthday money that Grandma WRIGHT had sent him besides the $8.12 LEFT in his piggy bank. Now it was time to buy the RIGHT present for each
member of the WRIGHT family. So one morning he hopped RIGHT out of bed, RIGHT into his slippers that were RIGHT next to his bed and quietly LEFT home. He went carefully ACROSS the street to the big store on the LEFT side of Main Street. The store was decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments.
Tommy WRIGHT thought and thought about Christmas presents and he looked at all the things for sale. "Let's see," said Tommy, "I know, I'll get Mother WRIGHT some warm gloves. Here is the RIGHT one but where is the LEFT one? Oh! Here it is, RIGHT under the RIGHT one. I sure hope they are the RIGHT color. They cost $3.06 so I have $6.06 LEFT to spend.
Now for Daddy WRIGHT. Would he like a truck or maybe a ball or a LEFT handed catcher's mitt? I know, I'll get him a football so we can play catch RIGHT in your own back yard when he comes home from work. Let's see, I had $6.06 LEFT and the football is $5.06 so now I have $1.00 LEFT for Sara's present. Here is what she wants. A pretty new purse and I think I have just enough money LEFT to buy it. Tommy WRIGHT clutched his presents happily and went running ACROSS the aisle up to the lady at the counter and gave her all the money from his RIGHT pocket. "Is that RIGHT?", he asked as he gave her his money. "It will be $1.05 with tax," she said," she said. "Oh no," said Tommy WRIGHT. "I forgot about tax." Tommy WRIGHT started crying. Tears streaked RIGHT and LEFT down his little face. RIGHT then the door bursts open and in came Santa Claus who had LEFT the North Pole and had come RIGHT to Tommy WRIGHT's town to take orders from children for Christmas. "Ho, Ho, Ho," said Santa. "We can't have Santa's helpers sad like this. Let's see now, I bet I have five pennies RIGHT here in my LEFT pocket.” Santa Claus checked his LEFT pocket and found nothing. "Oh, no," said Santa. "I must have put them into my RIGHT pocket instead of my LEFT. Here they are RIGHT here in my RIGHT pocket, Tommy.
Ho! Ho! Ho! and a Merry Christmas to all the WRIGHT's from Santa Claus and his helpers."
Tommy WRIGHT LEFT the story, ran back ACROSS the street and all the way home to tell his sister Sara WRIGHT that he had seen and talked to Santa. He was so happy that he wrapped his presents RIGHT away and LEFT them under the Christmas tree. Mr and Mrs WRIGHT and Sara WRIGHT were thrilled with their presents. Tommy WRIGHT felt really happy even though he had no money LEFT. Christmas morning for the WRIGHT family was joyful and after opening the presents, they all LEFT for church, which right ACROSS from their house.
"I hope your Christmas will be wonderful and full of the Love we all feel for one another.  Merry Christmas”, Santa said as he LEFT RIGHT away, with more gifts to deliver.

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