Monday, December 30, 2013

Love and beyond

Brenda Schmitz in a 2010 photo
Here's a warm-hearted story to end this year. This touching story of love was revealed recently from France. A young mother of 4 children, Brenda Schmitz, died of cancer in September 2011. One month before her death, she wrote a letter and sent it to a local radio station in Des Moines, France. The letter was to be kept a secret until a friend of the radio station learned that the woman’s husband, David fell in love with another woman.
David recently got engaged and the station Star 102.5 invited him to visit them so that they can reveal the secret letter. Brenda had written: “In these last few days of my life, I wish that my husband remains courageous. He was a good man and husband, and I know that my loss is going to be tough on him. He will have to take some very important decisions for his children and his future life. I also hope that he will eventually find a woman who loves him dearly and who will help him raise the children well.”
In the letter Brenda also thanked the woman who will marry David, and assured her that she loves her unconditionally. She also insisted that after her death a great party should be organized for her doctors, nurses and care givers. And she also insisted that her family goes on an outrageous vacation. An emotional David said simply that this letter did not surprise him one bit, because over the last 2 years since she died, she was always present in his life, in spite of her physical absence. A truly touching story of love and unselfishness, of loyalty and dedication.

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