Wednesday, August 21, 2013

St Julian's Festa decorations

The main square in St Julian's with festa decorations
During this week-long festival in honor of Saint Julian in my hometown, a lot of banners, flags and other decorations are displayed around town. Since St Julian was originally from Belgium, the predominant colors are black, yellow and red, the colors of the Belgian flag, and many tourists who happen to be visiting during this week may think that they have landed in Belgium instead of Malta. 
A hand-painted banner near the old parish church of St Julian

Lots of work, planning, designing and painting goes behind each of these banners, known in Maltese as ‘bandalori’ and ‘pavaljuni.’ Obviously they add a lot of color and character, and this is repeated in each town and village, just about every weekend from May till September. More photos of the feast of St Julian will appear over the next few days.
Our street decorated, with the house where I grew up, second from left

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