Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mary our Queen

Coronation of Mary - St Francis De Sales Cathedral, Baker City

We honor the Blessed Mother today as Queen of Heaven and Earth, a feast introduced into the liturgical calendar by Pope Pius XII on October 11, 1954. It was celebrated on May 31, the last day of the Marian month, but Pope Paul VI moved it to August 22, a week after the feast of the Assumption of Mary. One of the most beautiful stained-glass windows in our Cathedral was crafted by the Rambusch brothers of New York in 1958, and shows the coronation of Mary, surrounded by God the Father, God the Son and the the Holy Spirit, besides a group of angels, two of whom are placing the crown on Mary's head.

May Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth protect us all and keep her eyes on the suffering people, especially those in Syria and Egypt and in the Middle East region, and may she change the heart of their leaders who have no respect for human life.  May she protect all firefighters who are battling some huge fires right now, as well all the young people heading for college and children preparing for another scholastic year.

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