Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Blessing for Feet

We thank you Lord for our feet, for the incredible and ingenious way you shaped them for us so that we can use them to walk, run, climb and simply help us go through life non-stop.
For the feet of pastors, preachers and missionaries who go to the ends of the world spreading the Good News.
For the feet of little children who learn how to walk after falling a hundred times over before taking their first step.
For the feet of athletes who run at incredible speed, jump with astonishing ease and swim with a terrific kick to break all kinds of sports records.
For the feet of marathon runners who defy everyone and keep running, pounding the ground, thanks also to good sneakers made by Nike, Adidas and other brands.
For the feet of farmers and ranchers who have to work in the outdoors, caring for their cattle, horses and sheep, sometimes in extremely cold weather, and at times in unbearable heat.
For the feet of police officers and firefighters who risk their lives chasing criminals and risking their lives in adverse and risky conditions.
For the feet of soldiers and peace-keepers that after they finish their duties in perilous conditions, they can return safely home to their families.
For the feet of dancers and ballerinas who astonish us with their dancing, their pirouetting and graceful techniques they use to entertain those who attend Ballets, Broadway Shows and other performances.
For podiatrists who help us when our feet hurt, or when we injure them or need any kind of help and support for aching feet.
For foot reflexologists who can sooth any discomfort and give us a relaxing time which our feet always like and enjoy.
For the feet of adventurers and climbers, especially those who scale high mountains in the snow, that they will always have a way to get back down from where they started, and avoid getting lost or disoriented.

Mary Magdalene washing Jesus' feet with her tears
For the feet of saints who imitated Jesus in their lifestyle, for martyrs who gave up their lives for him, and for those who left everything to follow in his footsteps.
For the feet of Jesus who walked around Galilee to preach, heal and motivate people to turn their lives around, the same feet caressed by his mother Mary, washed by the tears of a sinful woman, and brutally nailed to the cross at the crucifixion.

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