Thursday, August 29, 2013

Children's questions to Mary

A few days ago I shared with you some questions that children may want to ask Jesus. Now a few questions to His mother Mary…..
Dear Mary, did you say the prayers with Jesus when he woke up – we say our prayers even before we go to bed.
Dear Mary, did you say grace before meals and pray for those who have nothing to eat? – we pray Jesus’ favorite prayer when we say “Give us this day our daily bread.”
Dear Mary, did you have a pet dog or cat or maybe even a donkey? – we have a dog, some fish and a cockatiel who squeaks a lot.
Dear Mary, did you stay with Jesus when he was doing his homework? – did he do all his homework in time, and finish all his projects in time?
Dear Mary, did you have a Bible at home? – we have a Bible from which we read daily, and another big one with leather cover and lots of pictures in it.
Dear Mary, did you speak to the Holy Spirit? – I know you saw him at Pentecost, but did Jesus ever speak about him to you?
Dear Mary, did you ever tell Jesus about where he was born? – was he ever disappointed that he wasn’t born in a nicer place?

Dear Mary, did you ever tell him what the shepherds said about him, and what gifts the Kings gave him? – I bet he would have preferred some toys!
Dear Mary, how really worried were you when Jesus was lost for 3 days? – you must have panicked a little, as my parents do when I get lost sometimes.
Dear Mary, when Joseph died, did Jesus work for you, so that he can feed you with some income?
Dear Mary, you must have been heart-broken when you see Jesus being killed and crucified on the cross. We remember you every year as we pray to the Sorrowful Mother.
Dear Mary, what feelings went through your mind when they placed Jesus’ lifeless body on your lap when he was taken down from the Cross? We remember you as pray to you as the Pieta’.
Dear Mary, we love the prayer of the Rosary and wish more people would say it more frequently. I say it daily, along with our entire family at night before we go to sleep.

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